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The Paris Marathon & the Salon du Running in April

22 February 2017

Get Your Heart Racing Alongside 1000s of Runners from all Over the Globe 

Running is now a multi-billion euro business, and April in Paris sees professionals, amateurs and corporate giants flock to the city for both the annual Salon du Running and world famous Paris Marathon.  If you are looking to be a part of any of it: take your marks, and get set for fun.

Salon du Running: The Largest Running Expo in France

Parc des Expositions (6th – 8th April 2017)

Did you know that close to 9.5 million French people practice running? One of the instigators of this boom is the Salon du Running, the largest indoor running event in France. Going beyond the doctrine, ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’, the event will showcase workshops, interactive games, coaching and nutritional advice… just a short walk from Median Porte de Versailles.

Ones to Watch at the Salon du Running 

Shake it Off on the Race Track

The event will kick off in spectacular fashion with a fun-filled opening ceremony that celebrates diversity in running. You will be greeted by a fabulous welcoming team who will proceed to get you in the party mood, offering a drink before introducing you to the many activities.

After enjoying a PlayStation racing game in the games corner, head to the start of the racing track for a snap of your victory pose. Following which, move on to the much anticipated live music, with an outstanding DJ set mixed with competitions, prizes and hilarious comedy, to help set the laid-back tone of the show. There will also be the opportunity to test out a range of racing shoes too throughout a series of fun-filled track races… offering a great opportunity for delegates and attendees to break the ice in a most enjoyable fashion.

The Power of Women’s Sport

Run Chic pays homage to the increase of women in running with a combination of coaching, relaxation and advice. The muscle building and running sessions on offer have become popular, since this workshop was fronted by long-distance French runner, Carmen Oliveras, last year.

Joggers will improve their stride, posture and pace, resulting in dramatically improved performance. In addition, the Bio C Bon kitchen will present two very useful workshops for all, on the nutritional preparation of the marathon: one on the making of dishes and the other on energy snacks with organic ingredients. Do not miss the consultations and massages of physiotherapists from the French Athletics Federation… or the organic juice bars and herbal products on offer.

80-metre Track For the Perfect Sneakers

It’s not all about entertainment, Sport and Health experts will conduct warm-up sessions, General Physical Preparation, yoga and race techniques; whilst runners who want to test new shoes will be able to try them out on a bespoke 80-metre athletic track.

The sign marked with ‘Paris Marathon 2017’ is a reminder of the landmark event taking placing the next day; printed into the letters are the names of every single one of the 57,000+ participants.

Runners Race: The World-Famous Paris Marathon

Arc de Triomphe (9th April 2017) 

The sun rising over the Arc de Triomphe sets the scene for the starting line of Marathon de Paris. Now in its 41st year, the marathon is known as the ‘runner’s race’ because it is generally flat and promises a great personal best. Throughout the 42.195km, runners will pass the City of Light’s most symbolic places, as well as countless cafes, gardens and leafy city parks.

Around 90 bands will be dotted along the route, each reflecting the diverse culture of Paris, and musical entertainment from African drumming to Brazilian samba… and the spectators roaring ‘allez’ as the runners sprint over the finishing line is bound to send a shiver up your spine.

A Hotel Not Far from the Action

If you want to be one of the first people to see the action, Hotel Median Paris Porte de Versailles is just 500 metres from the Parc des Expositions and a 20-minute metro ride to the Arc de Triomphe. We also offer range of nutritional breakfast goodies, should you be partaking in the actual race. Which of course, you will be well-rested for after an evening spent in the relaxing surroundings of our elegantly decorated – and completely soundproof – rooms.

And if you haven’t yet sorted out your accommodation for either of these great events, take a look at our latest offers and get yourself booked in today.


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